Limited treatment at 4 months

​Simple fillings

Digital radio-imaging reduces radiation exposure.

Little residual bone prevents implant placement

Severed crowding

Implants, all-ceramic crowns, and whitening brought back the beautiful smile and function. dentist, dental implants, wisdom tooth extraction

Severe damages

Full arch restoration with high-strength Ceramics

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Beautiful life​

Beautiful smile

Beautiful alignment in 6 months

Dental implants restore full function of the teeth.

Sinus lift techniques make implant placement possible

Life-like all ceramic restorations

Heavy damages

Minor defects

Minor spacing and crooked teeth

Severely damaged and missing teeth

Failed Root Canal Treatment and Recurrent decay

Modern dentistry in family setting.

One's mouth is the gateway to one's body; good oral health leads to good general health.  Warm, beautiful smiles can make one look years younger, and can have a positive impact on one's general appearance and self-esteem.

Be in the driver's seat, co-diagnose your oral conditions with the Doctor through digital X-rays, which produces much less radiation, and intraoral photography that shows your dental conditions up-close and personal.

The best treatment is prevention.  Your regular hygiene maintenance is very important in maintaining good oral health.  At Lotus dental, your "simple cleaning" will be performed by either a Registered Dental Hygienist or the Doctor with both ultrasonic scaler (cavitron) and or hand instrumentation, and polishing; the result is smooth and cleaned tooth surfaces that keep teeth free of harmful bacteria.

Have your cavities filled with tooth colored filling materials and 
anti-bacterial bonding agent.   With advancements in dental materials, tooth colored filling material (composite resin) is very strong nowadays, allowing restorations that are both functional and esthetically pleasing.  Thanks to Fluoride absorbing and releasing capability, and special NDPB monomer, bonding agent can prevent bacterial growth, reducing risk of having recurrent decay. 

Have a bright smile with KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System, developed by the world renowned cosmetic and whitening expert, Dr. Rod Kurthy; it is the most effective whitening system, used by thousands of dentists worldwide. This system will get your teeth head-turning white. Even when one has heavy Tetracyline stained teeth, the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System will get you beautiful white teeth.

Smile confidently with permanent white teeth with 
Vivaneers™ from Glidewell Dental Lab, one of the best Dental Laboratories in the US. Vivaneers™ are razor thin veneers; measuring 0.3mm, these ultra-thin porcelain veneers will give you the smile you've always dream of. Custom-made to fit your mouth, each porcelain veneer is delicately crafted to exhibit a beautiful, lifelike look. Whether replacing multiple teeth or a few, take comfort in knowing each Vivaneers™ will blend naturally with your surrounding teeth. 

When simple solutions are not sufficient to treat your conditions, have confident in all porcelain crowns and bridges such as IPS e.max bruxzir, that give you years of service with exceptional wear and aesthetic factors.

Consider Dental implants when you have missing tooth/teeth due to accident or decay.  Dental implants provide similar function and aesthetic like natural teeth. With advancement of Research and Development, Dental Implants have become more affordable with very good long term prognosis.  

Having crooked teeth? You can have straight teeth in as short as six months. At Lotus dental, we employ a hybrid of treatment modalities, combining traditional "brackets and wires" and clear brace to shorten treatment time while maintaining long term viability of the teeth.