​Lotus Dental in Pasadena is a small dental practice, with compassionate dental professionals and tender modern dental care in a family setting.  We are equipped with modern dental technologies for safety, comfort, and un-compromised results. We provide comprehensive care to entire family, from children, adults, to seniors in and around Pasadena, Texas.  

At Lotus Dental, you will always be treated by the same doctor.  Our courteous and pleasant staff considers your oral health to be their number one priority.  We are committed to give you the best dental care possible.

One's mouth is the gateway to one's body; good oral health leads to good general health.  Warm, beautiful smiles can make one looks years younger, and can have a positive impact on one's general appearance and self-esteem.

The best treatment is prevention; a little maintenance goes a long way.  Take control of your oral health and be confident with your smiles.  Let us help you to improve your quality of life. 

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1824 strawberry road, Pasadena, TX 77502